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Issues | Friends of Nily



Nily is an advocate for the community. When it comes to making life better for hard-working, middle class families in Eastern Queens, Nily is on your side. She will work tirelessly for higher wages for workers and make sure that our economic development dollars deliver on the promise of job creation, better transit service, and improved government services.



As a proud graduate of New York City schools, Nily deeply understands the need to support and strengthen our education system. She knows we have some of the best schools in the city, and she is committed to keeping it that way. Nily is dedicated to making college affordable for hard-working Queens families. She will always make sure our kids are getting the education they need to succeed in our rapidly changing workforce and economy.



Nily will never accept the status quo in our state’s capitol. She strives to make our government more transparent and responsive through meaningful campaign finance reform, modern technology, and increased civic engagement for people of all ages. Throughout her career, she has been a strong advocate for open government and community involvement in decisionmaking.



Nily is dedicated to protecting equal rights and opportunity for all New Yorkers. As a first-generation American, Nily knows the struggles faced by many in our community. A longtime supporter of immigrant rights, she has sponsored several bills to improve language access, spoken out on behalf of the DREAM Act, and ensured that immigrant youth have access to quality education. As the youngest woman elected to the State Assembly and a passionate champion for women’s rights, Nily has led the way to protect domestic violence survivors, safeguard incarcerated pregnant women, and support women veterans. Nily will continue to fight for legislative solutions that protect these underrepresented populations.